University of Iowa String Quartet Residency Program


While in residence at the University of Iowa during October 2012, the JACK Quartet coached chamber groups, read student composer works, gave master classes, presented sessions on building a career in chamber music, visited local high schools and gave a concert.  What a great week we had with the JACK Quartet!

Getting Our Message Out

As all of us at the University prepared for the Linden String Quartet’s impending arrival, students participating in String/Piano Chamber Music thought about how one goes about marketing a concert. While musicians will spend many hours in a practice room preparing for a performance, they often give little to no thought about how they can generate an audience.  With an increasingly competitive environment, having an audience cannot be taken for granted.

Each student chamber group in String/Piano Chamber Music was assigned a demographic and asked to create a simple and low cost  marketing plan to reach its audience.  This encouraged everyone to think about how to reach a diverse group of people who consume information in very different ways.  Students had to think about design as well as what is critical content in concert promotion.  As technology makes it easier for all of us to “get the word out”,  the artist plays an even more critical roll in marketing his/herself.  As part of UISQRP, students are honing those skills and then using them to promote their own endeavors!

Linden Quartet Flyer 2

Flyer designed by Patricia D Silva

Linden high school Flier

Flyer designed by William Gentzsch

Blank 6_Page_1

Flyer designed by Megan Grey

Linden String Quartet Poster-3

Flyer designed by Caroline Krause


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