University of Iowa String Quartet Residency Program

Past Seasons

Past UISQRP seasons have included the JACK, Brentano, Cavani, Daedalus, Jupiter and Fry Street Quartets.. Students had numerous opportunities to interact with the artists from coachings and master classes to eating pizza together and talking about career building.



A master class with the Cavani Quartet


The Brentano Quartet visiting with a UI Arts Entrepreneurship class.


A coaching with Nina Lee from the Brentano Quartet.


The Daedalus Quartet with Elizabeth Oakes and Barney Sherman after a live broadcast at Iowa Public Radio.


An Under the Hood discussion with the JACK Quartet and composer Caroline Shaw.


The Jupiter Quartet visiting a UI graduate classroom.


The Fry Street Quartet with composer Laura Kaminsky, physicist Dr. Robert Davies and Elizabeth Oakes after the Crossroads Project performance at the University of Iowa’s College of Public Health.


The Linden Quartet with students /collaborators from UI’s Writers’ Workshop


Under the Hood with the Jupiter Quartet


Heartstring performance at a local retirement community


A grand performance of the last movement of Mendelssohn’s Octet at the Preucil School of Music with the Cavani Quartet, UI faculty and students and Preucil School of Music faculty and students.

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